Award of distinction (1st place) New England Press Association

Role: Editor, copywriter, layout

This special issue of the Winchester Star also won an award from the Massachusetts Press Association. The New England Press Association Award citation reads: "In all phases of this prestigious effort, The Star is a clear winner. The quality of writing, photos, selection of subject matter and art work provide a reader with an entertaining and complete history of Winchester. The organization was thoughtful, though we doubt readers would sit down at a single moment to read the edition from cover to cover. Some grey areas, judges believe, could have been relieved by appropriate art -- photos, line drawings, or sketches. The Star's distinctive centennial logo was appropriate and tasteful. Advertising support appears substantial and ties in well with the theme. But it's the editorial effort that places The Star clearly ahead of the other entrants in the category."

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Article that won STC award

Award of distinction (1st place) Boston Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication

Role: Copywriter

Published in the newsletter of a large, multinational engineering company, this article explores the challenges of doing business abroad. The quote under the headline is from Lewis Carroll: "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that." The lead is: "Disembarking from a plane in a foreign country can be just as disconcerting as Alice's trip through the looking-glass. In a world that is far from homogeneous, laws, values, and customs differ from country to country, sometimes radically. Words like fast and slow, far and near, just and unjust can take on different meanings. Seemingly innocuous gestures may become insults."

Award for special marketing material (3rd place) Boston Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services

Role: Art director, copywriter

This invitation to the open house of a geotechnical engineering firm located on the Mystic River begins: "Take a Mystic view." First spread: "Haley & Aldrich cordially invites you to celebrate with us the opening of our new corporate headquarters along the banks of the Mystic River in historic Charlestown." Center spread: "Join us to explore the mysteries of the underground and the forces of environmental change, sample a little culinary magic, and witness twilight on the river." Right page specifies time and place. Back spread is a map with directions.

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