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Amberheart founder Jacquie Clermont is an award-winning writer, expert software & writing trainer, and designer. She is a seasoned communications generalist with extensive experience in small growing companies in e-learning, software, and architecture-engineering and in higher education. Her core skill is writing for a variety of media. Her background?

» More than 30 years of marketing experience

» Marketing communications manager for two companies

» Publications supervisor for one large, public, multinational company

» 11 years experience as a teacher/trainer

» Journalist & blogger

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Projects completed

  • Articles for newspapers & newsletters
  • Business cards with custom logos
  • Business-card ads
  • Direct mail
  • Software documentation
  • Paper newsletters
  • Online newsletters
  • Web sites
  • Short brochures & flyers
  • Annual reports
  • Online videos
  • Webinars
  • Design templates for others to use

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Hats worn

  • Art director/project manager
  • Copywriter/content developer
  • Consultant
  • Photoshop artist
  • Technical writer
  • Trainer/teacher
  • Web site designer
  • Template designer
  • Webinar host & moderator

Businesses served

  • Architects
  • Engineering concerns
  • Construction managers
  • Software developers
  • Nonprofits
  • Consultants
  • Universities

"A company only gets stronger and stays strong if the employees believe in what they do and care about their work, the product and the clients, as if it was their own. Jacquie takes all three of these requirements to the extreme and also adds other qualities into the mix.

First of all Jacquie has never said, 'no' to any task, and even if she has a full plate, she will find some room for the extra task, even if it means that she has to stay extra. . . .

Jacquie is also always looking for improvements that could help the team. . . .

One of her best traits is her positivity in everything. Not once have I seen her complain, and instead she addresses certain issues that could be bothersome, and then comes up with a suggestion or solution instead and will fix the problem. . . ."

" ... a wonderful asset to my team as both a communicator and a trainer."

"I want to say you have been one of those people who always delivers what you promise."

"Jacquie is a person who always does everything to the nines."

"... an able researcher, interviewer and writer."

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